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Name: Scytha Ippoli (from Scythia: to shoot/throw – relates to sagittal/Sagittarius as well as her STRIFE SPECIBUS and Ippolit: Russian Alternative of Hippolytus- the son of Theseus whose name means “freer of horses”)

Screenname: equineLiberator

Age: About 8 solar sweeps

Gender: Female

Species: Blue blooded troll

Siblings/Relations: Her Luscus (a Centauride) who she calls Epona (Goddess who protects horses)


Restoring/modifying dilapidated objects/ artifacts, especially those important to her friends or her clients. She also holds a hobby of sculpting, mostly by using her bare hands/fists to chisel boulders into shape.


She exhibits a surprising amount of strength but also an acute sense of precision. Due to her blood color she is educated and often tries to solve things using diplomacy, however she is sometimes tempted to use force since she spends a lot of time suppressing her strength. When all else fails or she feels it’s needed, she uses her strength to fight, destroy objects, intimidate enemies, or otherwise aid herself and those around her. Due to her weapon being SPEARKIND she also uses her strength and precision to throw over long distances and hit her targets.


Because of her strength Scytha must often concentrate on being gentle around others, which involves a lot of emotional and physical control. This can prove to be quite challenging as she’s prone to bringing a lot of burden upon herself, both emotionally and mentally. She is prone to overestimating her ability to handle the stress that accompanies the tasks she gives herself to complete. She also becomes strongly invested in other people’s issues and feels that it is her duty to resolve any and all issues she is presented with due to her place in the hemospectrum. In times of stress she often feels the urge to let off steam, which can lead to her either going into rages or outwardly destroying things. She often targets things that remind her of her frustrations in her destructive moods which can erase any progress she might have made with her various projects. The verbal rages she enters often end up damaging her relationships with others. As such it takes trolls with a high degree of understanding and patience just to be around her. This creates a lot of self-loathing in her at times. She will occasionally shut out others as a result and give up on her work and hobbies unless someone can reassure her. Her most common triggers are feelings of helplessness and failure which became frequent once she and her group realized they were stuck in a void session.

Likes: Persuasive Literature, Hoof Beasts, The Female Form, Sculptures

Dislikes: Restrictions, Uncleanliness/Disorganization, Cowboys


Typical troll features. She wears glasses as her occupation caused her to constantly strain her eyes into nearsightedness. Her black hair is short and asymmetrical, exposing both of her twice-pierced ears. Her lips show her blood color as well as her eyelashes. She typically dresses in a black tank-top with her symbol (blue Sagittarius) on the chest. She wears fishnet arm-warmers to visually monitor the tensing of her arm muscles and keep them relaxed so she isn’t too forceful. She also wears biking shorts for free movement and long socks with garters to keep them in place. Her shoes are simple black canvass shoes and occasionally she can be seen wearing a black overskirt that her Luscus lends to her (almost resembling a ruffled horse blanket tied around her waist). Her horns are shaped like arrows and are unbroken like Horuss’.


Scytha’s society operated similarly to the Beforian’s -- her race was peaceful and the higher castes cared for the lower. Being in a higher caste (as a blue-blood) Scytha was charged with providing services to many in the lower castes. Eventually she was coaxed into playing the game with a handful of others, and to her dismay ended up in a void session. Eventually they were given the option to either do nothing (which would result in extinction) or engage in a scratch, just like the A1 trolls. She and the other trolls in her session accepted the scratch and were killed by some unknown means so they could exist within a dream bubble together. However an unexpected glitch occurred during their session and she became separated from her group in her own dream bubble. She lost all memory of her death as a result ad didn’t seek her group, believing it was just another day in the void session. However a common point in memory lay in wait to be accessed by any group members who came to search for her, allowing for the future possibility of her rejoining the others.


Scytha utilized her strength and intellect in her occupation to repair and modify dilapidated items. Being able to restore to functionality to otherwise broken objects gave Scytha a sense of control and helped her believe that she could achieve some degree of success using the skills her class afforded her. Her hobby of chiseling/sculpting alternatively was a way to channel her destructive urges into something creative and harmless. Her Luscus – a Centauride – brought her up to be meticulous and encouraged her to be responsible and fulfill the duties of her caste. Bathing twice daily, her Luscus was extremely clean and often would get Scytha to bathe with her. This caused some confusion with Scytha as things that she found natural – such as bathing with someone else - were often viewed as invasive or improper by other trolls. She would occasionally be teased about her apparently irregular actions at times which, in turn, caused her to dislike any sort of restriction (as her Luscus brought her up to see natural things like nudity as perfectly fine) and she viewed the ridicule she received for the way in which she was raised as being completely unwarranted. Other trolls caused her to doubt herself with the ridicule, however they also caused her to stand firmer in her beliefs of being nonjudgmental about non-harmful things.

Other trolls provided pacification for when she went into rages or her self-doubt returned. She often struggles with determining if she is doing something correctly or if she is able to succeed at her various tasks. During violent situations Scytha tries to go the way of reasoning first, but is not afraid to and in fact finds some enjoyment in using force. Her STRIFE SPECIBUS is a SPEARTYPE -- she enjoys the fact that her spears resemble arrows (without being too fragile) and that they can be used at varied ranges for different types of combat. She admires the freedom that hoof beasts boast and as her Luscus is half horse she feels a sense of familiarity with them.

Likewise, she dislikes cowboys as domesticators of wild hoof beasts and one of the epitomes of the masculine form. Her Luscus also accounts for her enjoyment of the female form as her upper half is of a beautiful woman. Scytha’s hive – a Grecian-style bath house – also boasts a few artistic depictions on the walls of glorified female forms which she grew up admiring. Her inclination towards diplomacy accounts for her like of persuasive literature, as well as her dislike towards losing control of herself. Scytha’s disdain towards restrictions (despite restricting herself in terms of strength and emotion) relates to being ridiculed for her abnormal lifestyle. Because she enjoys the feeling of freedom her dislike of restriction is only amplified. Allowing herself to exhibit her physical strength or her fluency of language often acts as her downfall despite her want of no restriction. This is due to her destroying important things or hurting others emotionally as a result – though she’s proud to admit she’s never hurt anyone physically in her life with exception of her Luscus before she learned to control her strength.


Scytha often attempts to suppress any sort of strong emotions in case it causes her to hurt others or show her inability to deal with the burdens she places upon herself, making her appear stoic. However as Scytha is still emotional and she often bonds closely with other trolls who show toleration towards her. She is reluctant to engage in acts of affection in case a muscle spasm or a slip of control results in the person she’s touching getting hurt. Despite her best efforts though, she often lets a few emotional cues slip – especially when she’s feeling excited or elated in any way. She often becomes emotionally invested in outcomes she can’t control which causes her to doubt herself, however she is easily reassured once someone reminds her that some challenges are not meant for her to take on. She’s very firm in her opinions when she develops them and encourages others not to allow anyone to knock down what they value – mostly so they do not end up like her. This developed as a method of preventing her from constantly second-guessing herself and often times with only a little prompting she’ll apologize and get rid of any stubbornness she might have had. She can be inappropriate at times due to her upbringing whereby she’ll invite other females to bathe or change with her, however her intentions are always chaste. Despite her love of fixing things and the control she attains from she also receives enjoyment from breaking things and losing all restriction when she feels that holding back is too difficult.
Troll OC - Scytha Ippoli
Here's an OC that took about three months to successfully conceptualize and create ;w; 

The format of this Character Sheet is actually a submission form (or rather a large section of it) for a Homestuck RP club I wanted to join, but is now currently closed. I sill hope to submit her with the rest of the needed information but for now I'm glad I have this little block of information up for those who wish to Roleplay with me as part of my friends list.

The talksrpite base can be found here:… by: :iconmiserygk:

The submission form can be found here:…

A word of warning if you wish to make a submission to this club: following the rules is ESSENTIAL to being accepted int this group. READ ALL OF THE GUIDELINES BEFORE YOU DO ANYTHING. This submission might as well be a first draft for me (despite all the effort I put into it) and a mere place-holder for my future RP aspirations. The group gives excellent guidelines for OC conceptualization and I highly recommend using their guides to create your own. Even if they do not reopen I appreciate the way the guidelines and rules guided me in creating my troll. 
I got a profile done for my Homestuck OC and was going to submit it to a group, but due to inactivity the group is currently closed.

So I'd like to know this: If I upload the info in a journal (and I'll be uploading pictures as well) would anyone be willing to participate in a Homestuck RP with me based on the info I provide for my troll?

It'll be a day or so until I can upload it since I need to look over the info but, what do you guys think?

I'd like to get into this quickly and have my RP partners on the same page as me. If no one's interested then maybe can you give me some suggestions on where to go?

Two RP groups on here are closed due to inactivity already. 
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